Photo Gallery

Photos from "Biography of Henry Spncer Palmer"

Bronze Bust of Palmer at Nogeyama, Yokohama
Lt.Palmer at British Columbia, Canada
(1859-1863) 1
Lt.Palmer at British Columbia, Canada
(1859-1863) 2
Mrs. H.S. Palmer (1861)
Mrs. H.S. Palmer (Mary Jane Pearson Palmer) (1870). Wrongly captioned.
Lt.General, Sir Henry James, R.E.
Captain Palmer at Sinai Peninsula 1
Captain Palmer at Sinai Peninsula 2
Mount Sinai
Rev. & Mrs. Peter Walker
(Former Bishop of Cathedral at Ely)
Sir George Airy, Astronomer Royal
Lt. Col. H.S. Palmer R.E.
View of the intake at Mi-i Village
Boiler at the intake
Mi-i Village
Pumping machinery at the intake
Mi-i Village
Staff at the pumping station
Mi-i VIllage
Iron pipeline route, 4
Iron pipeline route, 5
Iron pipeline route, 14
Ogurano ferry
Iron pipeline route, 15
Kawajiri Village
Iron pipeline route, 16
Oshima Village
Iron pipeline route, 17
Iron pipeline route, 20
Sagami-hara Tsuruma Village
Valve well at Kamikawai Village
Filter-beds at Nogeyama
Service-reservoir at Nogeyama
Fountain in front of Yokohama Station
Yokohama Water Works Office
14 out of 30 views of Photo Album of Yokohama Waterworks under construction taken by Mr. Shinichi Suzuki in 1886/7 (With grateful acknowledgement to the Archives and Mausoleum Department of the Imperial Household Agency).
Demonstration of Discharging Water from Fire Hydrant at Yoshida-bashi
Miss Evelyn Mary Palmer (1865-1944)
Mr. Harry B.G. Palmer (1872-1922)
The writer's mother
Mr. Saburo Isogaya
Ms. Francis Woodward
The writer, Ms. F. Woodward & Mrs. Mary Huntley
Mrs. W. Palmer & her sister
Ms. Perry Palmer & the writer
Mrs. Mary Vivian
The writer, Mrs. Marjorie Ferguson & Family
Palmer's grave at Aoyama cemetery in Tokyo, Japan