Chronicle of H.S. Palmer

1838430-Born at Bangalore, Madras District, India
1856 1   17 Entered the Practical Class of the Royal Military Academy at Woolwich
 122018Gazetted to a Lieutenant in the Royal Enginners
185731 Entered the School of Military Engineering at Chatham
185816 Graduated the School
185817 Company Officer at Portsmouth, and to the Isle of Wight
185810920Appointed to the British Columbia Expedition under Col. R.C. Moody, R.E.
 1217 Left England for British Columbia
1859412 Arrived at Port Esquimalt, British Columbia
 1229 Returned to England from British Columbia
186431 Appointed to the Ordnance Survey in Tunbridge
18663127Promoted to second Captain
1868102428Participated in the Survey of Sinai Peninsula
186953031Returned to England from Sinai Peninsula
187312135Promoted to Major
18731211 Recommended to the Fellow of Royal Astronomical Society
187462736Left for New Zealand for observing the Transit of Venus
18756537Returned to England from New Zealand
1875112 Left for Barbados as the Resident Engineer
18763  Appointed to serve as Aide de Camp to the Governor of the Windward Island under Mr. Pope Hennessy
187712 39Appointed to the Executive Engineer at Hongkong
1878129 Left for Hongkong via England
 4 40Appointed to the A.D.C. to the Governor, Sir Pope-Hennessy of Hongkong
187910841Visited Japan for the first time
188073042   〃   for the second time
18817143Promoted to Brevet Colonel
18811024 Visited Japan as the Attache to the grandsons of Queen Victoria
1882121944Visited Japan on his way back to England
1883215 Employed for 3 months as the Advisory Engineer to the Kanagawa Prefecture for Waterworks in Yokohama
 411 Drew up and submitted the Report of Yokohama Waterworks (1st Report)
 53145   〃     (2nd Report)
   Left for England
1883710 Appointed to Commanding Royal Engineer of Manchester District
1885411 Arrived Japan to superintend the Yokohama Waterworks
 7147Promoted to Colonel R.E.
188712548Drew up and submitted "Report and Estimate of a Project for constructing a Commercial Harbour at Yokohama
 5649Drew up and submitted the Report of the Water Supply for Osaka
 618 Drew up and superintended the Water Purifying Facility for Oji Paper Mills
 819 Participated in the observation of Total Sun Eclipse at Shirakawa
 912 Drew up and submitted the Report & Estimate for Waterworks at Hakodate
  21 Opening Ceremony of Yokohama Waterworks at the Intake was held
 101 Retired from the Army as the Honorary rank of Major General
  17 The Water Supply service for City of Yokohama started
1888114 Drew up and submitted the Report and Estimate of Waterworks in Tokyo
 3  Drew up and submitted the Report and Estimate of Waterworks in Kobe
 63050Appointed to the Honorary Advisory Engineer for the Public Work Bureau of Ministry of Home Affairs
 721 Participated in the Investigation for the Bandai San Eruption
 96 Drew up and submitted the Report and Estimate of Yokohama Harbourworks
1889331 Drew up and submitted the Report and Estimate for Docks in Yokohama
 8251Appointed to the Superintendence for the Construction of Yokohama Harbour
1890112 Left for England to investigate the availability of the necessary materials/equipment for the construction of Yokohama Harbour
 52552Returned to Japan from England
18917 53Drew up and submitted the design of Water Supply for a large irrigation siphon for Misakamura in Hyogo Prefecture
 10  Participated in the investigation of the Mino/Owari Earthquake
1893210 Died in Tokyo